Such a beautiful Opening Statement by Corey Lewandowski! Thank you Corey! @CLewandowski_ Source link … Source link
Just departed New Mexico for California, where we are delivering results! Source link
The New York Times is at its lowest point in its long and storied history. Not only is it losing a lot of money, but it is a journalistic disaster, being laughed at even in the most liberal...
....”That story (Kavanaugh) is nowhere near the standard that should be met in publishing a story.” @brithume @FoxNews Source link
The USMCA is a 21st-century trade deal for a 21st-century market that will fuel economic growth right here in Tennessee, create jobs and expand high-quality opportunities for our farmers, manufacturers and workers. Source link
The #USMCA is essential to the future of Texas, America, and our North American allies. Congress must pass this agreement and usher in a new era of economic prosperity. Source link
Big crowd expected in New Mexico tonight, where we will WIN. Your Border Wall is getting stronger each and every day — see you in a few hours! … Source link
Thank you, working hard! #KAG2020 Source link
“How many stories are wrong? Almost all of the stories the New York Times has done are inaccurate and wrong.” @greggutfeld The New York Times should close its doors and throw away the keys. The women...